Since North Star Pools has the skills to build poolscapes, the ability to do landscaping naturally follows. Whether the land is immediately surrounding a pool or not, North Star Pools can make your property beautiful with elegant, superior, custom, and exclusive designs. These landscapes consist of the right combination of both hardscapes and softscapes.

Explore these multiple options to get ideas and inspiration for creating your ideal yard. Do you have a landscape feature in mind that is not listed below? Feel free to tell us.

Landscape Design

North Star Pools uses the latest software to design your dream landscape before construction begins. Read more about the design process.


Hardscapes are the portion of landscaping that consists of hard materials, such as concrete, stone, tile, pavers and other hard materials, which generally do not change with weather or growth compared to softscapes.


Softscapes are the portion of landscaping that consist of soft materials, such as soil, plants, grass, and other soft materials, which can change with weather or growth compared to hardscapes.


Nothing else says “summer party” like the smell of freshly grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, vegetables, shrimp, shish kabob . . . well, you get the idea. Enjoy a new BBQ.

Fire Pits, Fireplaces

Add to the evening ambience or simply roast marshmallows with a beautiful fire pit feature in your hardscape.

Gates and Walls

Walls of various sizes, shapes and materials will keep your yard private and pretty. Install a gate for easy access.


The perfect combination of both hardscape and softscape is accomplished beautifully with planters. These allow the placement of colorful flowers, bushes and other plants.

Shade Structures

Sit back and relax in the shade with an awning, gazebo or other shade structures.

For additional landscape design options, see also Pavers, Rock Structures, Pool Decking, Fire Features.

Looking For Beautiful and Custom Landscape Designs?