Pool Construction

Pool Construction

As a full service pool company that specializes in pool construction, North Star Pools and Spas will help you build the pool that you’ve been dreaming of. Building your dream pool begins with Pool Design, which is performed digitally using the latest state-of-the-art software. The software has template features that can be used for quick design, or we can design custom features specifically catering to your ideal pool. In fact, we’ve used this software to create pool designs that are offered by no other pool company.

Once the design phase is completed, our crews get to work immediately to make your dream pool a reality. The crew, contractors, techs and staff that we employ have hundreds of years of combined professional experience. They’ll work effectively and efficiently to complete your project so that you can start enjoying your pool as soon as possible.

Pool Construction Before

After designs and permitting are in place, construction begins with measuring and outlining the shape, location and position of your new pool. With the pool outlined, the hole is excavated, plumbing and equipment are installed, and then a series of steps are performed to build the foundation. Various above-ground features and rock structures may be created. Then a few other steps are taken until the finishing touches are made, which includes fencing and landscaping.

Pool Construction After

After construction is completed, your pool will have all the features that were previously outlined in the design phase. Whether you like to lounge and relax in the privacy of your backyard or provide all the fun and recreation that comes with a summer pool party, the dream pool and landscaping that you previously envisioned has become a reality. Enjoy your new pool!

The Entire Pool Building Process

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Pool Design

The process starts digitally with pool design. Using the latest software we’ll consult with you to include the features you want in your dream pool.

Pool Construction

Once the digital design is completed, the crew gets to work to make your dream pool a reality.



Once construction is completed, beautiful landscaping provides the finishing touches with the perfect combination of hardscapes and softscapes.

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