Pool Remodeling

Pool Remodeling

The exact same skills that are used to build a new pool from scratch are also used for pool remodeling. It begins with pool design and continues with pool construction.

Remodeling a pool is an opportunity to repair any broken parts of the pool, such as the decking, foundation or plumbing. Yet, it is also an opportunity to upgrade existing features or add new features to the pool. Depending on your needs and budget, the only real limitation to remodeling a pool, compared to building a new one from scratch, is changing the size, shape and location of the pool. However, all other features can be considered for enhancing an existing pool.

Pool Remodeling Begins with Pool Design

Pool remodeling begins with creating a digital pool design using the latest software. We’ll consult with you to include your ideal features such as spa upgrades, decking, slides and recreational features, rock structures, water features, fire features, BBQ, fire pits, and other poolscape and landscape features.

After Remodeling is Completed

After construction is completed, your pool will have all the features that were previously outlined in the design phase. The new pool will fit your needs and desires, whether you use the pool for rest and relaxation or excitement and recreation. Your new swimming pool has become a reality. Enjoy your new pool!

The Entire Pool Building Process

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Pool Design

The process starts digitally with pool design. Using the latest software we’ll consult with you to include the features you want in your dream pool.

Pool Construction

Once the digital design is completed, the crew gets to work to make your dream pool a reality.



Once construction is completed, beautiful landscaping provides the finishing touches with the perfect combination of hardscapes and softscapes.

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