Custom Pool Slides and What to Consider Before Adding to Your Inground Pool

Imagine the scene.
You’re young—maybe seven, eight, ten. It’s summertime, and you love playing in the pool when it’s hot outside—going to the water park, enjoying the sunshine, sliding down all the pool slides. You go there every weekend, and it never gets olds. In fact, it’s closing time, and families are filing out of the gate, but you can’t stop sliding! When you’re a kid, not many things feel better than that adrenaline rush as you cascade towards the end of the giant slide, a pool of sparkling blue water awaiting your drop.

With custom pool slides, you can make this scene a reality at your home. Whether you’re an adult who never lost the love for sliding, or you’ve got a family of young ones who feel the same, pool slides are the solution. They’re a simple yet fantastic upgrade to your pool—guaranteed to be the center of attention at your next outdoor gathering.

Don’t simply take our word for it. Keep reading to learn the different types of pool slides, plus the benefits of creating your own.

What Are the Different Types of Pool Waterslides?

When it comes to waterslides, you have the option to choose between various shapes. A straight slide is exactly what it sounds like—mostly straight with a slight upwards nod at the end. There is a ladder to reach the top—either open or closed—and one slides straight down into the pool. This type of slide is great for those who enjoy simple design or have a small, semi-deep to deeper pool.

For those who want a little more fun, you may consider a curved slide. This molded side leg design has a slight curve which changes the slider’s direction at the end. Because of this, curved slides can be installed in shallower pools—there’s less impact and drop compared with a straight slide.

If you really want to go all out, consider the elephant leg design. It’s longer, allowing it to make several circles between the top and bottom. They’re typically taller models, too—so you’ll need a larger pool (and ladder system) to accommodate.

The Compelling Benefits of Custom Slides for Pools

Having a pool slide will likely entice you and your family to use the pool more often—and you’re probably aware of all the benefits of pool swimming!  But, we encourage you to consider going custom. Why? For one, you’re guaranteed to have a different slide than your neighbor’s. The idea of having something entirely unique to your pool is a fun one.

Second, you can also custom add a slide to your pool if your pool was already there—whereas most often, pool slides are installed with the pool. Adding a custom slide means that you’ll be able to choose the design that fits your space, not the other way around.

Finally, think of the recreation! Your first pool party with the new slide, and you’ll regret you never got it sooner.

Custom Pool Slides: The Most Fun You Can Have With Custom Pool Designs

Who doesn’t love a good slide?

Add some water and a pool to the equation, and you can’t go wrong.
Every house, every pool, and every homeowner is different—so when you’re ready for a slide, consider custom pool slides first. They’re versatile, personal, and made to fit your pool perfectly. Enjoy all the traditional benefits of a pool slide in a not-so-cookie-cutter way.

At Northstar Pools, we help with all your pool design ideas, including the waterslide of your childhood dreams.

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