Why Off-Season Repairs Are Vital to Proper Pool Maintenance

Off-season pool repair and maintenance

Off-Season Pool Repair and Maintenance

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you should let your pool collect dust. Maintaining your pool during the cold winter months is just as essential as it is in the summer. By being proactive in taking care of your pool all year long, you can keep damage at bay and ensure that your pool remains in top condition the next time you’re ready for a swim. Here’s everything you need to know about off-season pool repair service and why it’s crucial to the well-being of your pool.

Fixing Cracks

If you notice that cracks have begun to appear in your pool, now is the time to address them. Pool cracks can vary in size and severity, and need to be carefully assessed by a professional. A professional can usually fix a small crack in your pool using pool putty to seal up the crack. On the other hand, larger cracks may require the use of a grinder or staples to restore your pool to its normal state.

Checking the Parts

Each part of your pool needs to be functioning at its best in order to keep your pool in optimal shape. A crucial part of pool repair during the winter months is checking on the different mechanical parts of your pool. This includes the pipes, pump, heater, pool filter, and more. To ensure that these parts are working properly, have a professional come, and perform pool repair services in the off-season. During the check-up, they can also drain the water from the pump and pool filter, helping to ensure that the water doesn’t freeze (which can still happen even though we live in a desert) during winter.

Addressing Plumbing Issues

If left unaddressed, plumbing issues in your pool can build up over time and cause serious problems once spring rolls around. It’s best to address any plumbing irregularities as soon as possible to keep your pool in top condition. Some examples of common plumbing problems include:

  • Accumulation of dirt, debris, and other substances
  • Increase or decrease in filter pressure
  • Restricted water flow
  • Leaking

Whatever the issue is, don’t wait too long to call for professional help. Prioritizing pool repair in the off-season will help ensure that you don’t run into any serious issues once you start swimming in your pool again.

Calling for Pool Repair in Gilbert, AZ

At Northstar Pools, we offer a high-quality, reliable pool repair service that you need to keep your pool clean and healthy. Whether you’re looking to have your pool filter repaired or your pool cover cleaned, we have the skill and the expertise to help you get the job done. By trusting our experts to care for your pool, you’ll be all set to enjoy a refreshing dip in the water once the warm weather begins.


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